We offer fair prices on high quality products and solutions. Our goal is to give our customers great flexibility at a competitive cost.

Less down time

The solutions we provide gives our customers less off-hire risks, safe and environmentally friendly repairs, combined with quality support.


We do not know problems, only solutions. Our background is from work as deckhands, engineers and officers, we know the daily life onboard and do our utmost to provide stable and reliable solutions.

Why Choose MCR Norway

Descaling solutions

Save time, money and the environment when choosing MCR Mekaniske’s de-scale solution for engines, box coolers, heat exchanger and Air-condition units. We connect our special De-scale unit to your equipment such as engine cooling systems and circulate a mixture of hot water and Swan marked de-scaling chemicals. The result are clean plates, pipes and cooling efficiency restored.
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Advisory Service

During the years MCR has been working in the shipping industry, we have acquired a worldwide network of skilled partners and suppliers, whom we still do business with until this day. During previous projects within shipbuilding, rebuilds, tugging and dredging , scrapping and much more, we are able to help customers get in contact with the right channels.
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Marine Electronics

MCR offers a wide range of maritime electronics such as CCTV camera systems, onboard communications, computer monitors and much more. We are dedicated to give competitive pricings, with a high end after sales support.
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Marine mechanics

Our mission is to give our clients the service and dedication they deserve. Solutions are the only option for us, and no problem will be let unsolved.

Main fields of service;
– Main engine maintenance and repairs
– Auxiliary engine maintained and repairs.
– Descale of engines, coolers and gearboxes.
– Maintenance and repairs of sterndrives and outboard engines

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How Does It Work

In simple words, you do not cable your IP CCTV camera, Vsat internet connection, Voip telephone or any other equipment using IP signals. All you need is Setel powerline to inject the IP signal onto the already established electrical infrastructure on board. Result is a stable, effective connection between your devices, done in a cost effective and fast matter.


What Our Clients Say

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