We offer fair prices on high quality products and solutions. Our goal is to give our customers great flexibility at a competitive cost.


The solutions we provide gives our customers workability across the vessel, with quality support and marine grade hardware.


We do not know problems, only solutions. Our background is from work as deckhands, engineers and officers, we know the daily life onboard and do our utmost to provide stable and reliable solutions.

Why Choose MCR Norway

Vessel-Wide Network

Our PowerLine solutions is implemented on ships in a matter of hours, not days, this saves time consuming, risky, complex and expensive re-cabling with Cat5 or Cat 6 cables. Once installed, the number of applications that can be added onto this IP backbone are as limited as your imagination and IoT’s.
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Chart Systems

Our Chart systems for Scandinavian and European coastal waters are perhaps the best and most reasonable on the market today. Choose between buying a turnkey already setup package, or contact us for a tailor-made setup for your vessel.
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Surveillance Systems

MCR offers a complete range of CCTV camera systems to monitor hazardous areas and machinery in harsh environment conditions such as those presented by marine vessels and offshore platforms. Flexible solutions to integrate and combine existing analog CCTV cameras with new IP cameras is one of our specialties.
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Onboard Communication

Robust and marine grade UHF & VHF radios are crucial for reliable onboard communication. Combining its IP67 certification with loud and crystal-clear speaker, with noise canceling technology and extended battery life, is some of many reasons why of our customers choose us as their supplier.
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How Does It Work

In simple words, you do not cable your IP CCTV camera, Vsat internet connection, Voip telephone or any other equipment using IP signals. All you need is Setel powerline to inject the IP signal onto the already established electrical infrastructure on board. Result is a stable, effective connection between your devices, done in a cost effective and fast matter.


What Our Clients Say

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