About Us

Why Choose Us

MCR consists of companies founded and operated by experienced mariners. We have decades of sea service on our shoulders and know the importance of reliability. “No-can-do” does not exist in our vocabulary, only challenges and solutions to make challenges become a part of the end product.

Safety, crew welfare, reliability, user-friendliness and reasonably-priced are all keywords the shipping industry is valuing, all of whom we in MCR will give you with great confidence.

Together with partners in Norway and around the world, we will always do the utmost to satisfy our customers. By providing around the clock support, knowledge, and solution-oriented services.

Fair Prices

We offer fair prices on high quality products and solutions. Our goal is to give our customers great flexibility at a competitive cost.


The solutions we provide gives our customers workability across the vessel, with quality support and marine grade hardware.


We do not know problems, only solutions. Our background is from work as deckhands, engineers and officers, we know the daily life onboard and do our utmost to provide stable and reliable solutions.

We are recognized and have earned the trust of clients

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