CCTV systems

Flexible CCTV solutions

To upgrade a vessels CCTV system, implement new monitoring stations, as well as allowing remote monitoring usually means high costs and down time.
But not any more.

We at MCR Norway have worked hard finding a flexible and low-cost CCTV solution you can trust every day, all year round, in any conditions.
Together with well established partners, we enable you to upgrade old black- and white cameras, mount new IP cameras at almost any on-board location by using PowerLine, monitor them from any onboard workstation in addition to have the option to set up designated monitoring stations. Thanks to our dual-combined analog/digital Network Video Recorder (NVR), you are now able to integrate your old system with a new one. One of the many great features of the Combined NVR is remote monitoring by connecting it to the vessels 4G/LTE or VSAT network.

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Free consultation

Fair Prices

We offer fair prices on high quality products and solutions. Our goal is to give our customers great flexibility at a competitive cost.


The solutions we provide gives our customers workability across the vessel, with quality support and marine grade hardware.


We do not know problems, only solutions. Our background is from work as deckhands, engineers and officers, we know the daily life onboard and do our utmost to provide stable and reliable solutions.

We are recognized and have earned the trust of clients

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