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What we offer

MCR Norway is proud to offer high quality reliable equipment, tested and proven to be suitable for use on board vessels of every size.

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Maritime UHF/VHF

Our robust and marine grade UHF & VHF radios are one of the best and most reasonable on the market. Combining its IP67 certification with loud and crystal clear speaker, this is the perfect fit for work in weather exposed industries.
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Touch screen monitors

We offer a variation of touch screens monitors with specification for every need. Feel free to contact us to find the correct monitor for your needs.
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Global fixed pricing 4G/LTE

MCR Norway offer a near-shore data-only 4G/LTE service to vessels travelling across the globe, complimenting VSAT or MSS services and provides connectivety to Vessel cargo operations, IoT applications and devices, Big data transfers and Remote IT connectivity.
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CCTV systems

MCR Norway offers complete CCTV packages, with focus on implementing new IP cameras to already existing analogue systems.
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Why Choose Us

MCR consists of companies founded and operated by experienced mariners. We have decades of sea service on our shoulders and know the importance of reliability. “No-can-do” does not exist in our vocabulary, only challenges and solutions to make challenges become a part of the end product. Safety, crew welfare, reliability, user-friendliness and reasonably-priced are all keywords the shipping industry is valuing, all of whom us in MCR will give you with great confidence.

We are recognized and have earned the trust of clients globally

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